Healthy Body

Our Mission

To continuously look for healthy and effective products for distribution to our customers and maintain generous packages and rebates to motivate our distributors.

Our Core Values

Our core values can be remembered as CIRCLE, i.e., Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility to Stakeholders, Care for Distributors, Lead by Example and Ethics.  

Healthy Mind

Crest Wellnesswas founded in 2008 in Singapore with a very clear objective to set up a distribution business; distributing some of the most advanced, cutting edge and trend sensitive nutritional and lifestyle products in the Asia Pacific region.

Crest Wellness is committed to build a very successful distribution business, and progressively extends itself globally. We are confident of our products because of its unique and proven qualities that are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that will impact the health of many consumers positively. 

Crest Wellness has achieved full compliance to operate in Singapore and Indonesia. Our short to medium term plan is to continue our expansion to Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. We aim to achieve full compliance in all countries that we are expanding to. We are now poised to achieve exponential growth; both in sales by introduction of new products and active acquisition of independent distributors in new market by faster and more effective duplication and training systems.

Crest Wellness provides good support and motivates our distributors with generous packages and rebates for selling our products.

Healthy Pocket

Our Strategy

Crest Wellness aims to be a caring and respected company that is committed to offer a total well being solution for all. Our products and services will target and address the health, inner and outer wellness of our their consumers. As long as we can meet the regulatory requirement and desired sales target of the new market, the Company will very rapidly commence business in the new market.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is to be successful the first time, every time. Our strength is our unique and innovative products, and willingness to listen to our distributors..

Our Vision

To create a platform for our customers to achieve:​​​​