Mrs. Suyati Bekasi, 70 Years Old, Indonesia

I was seriously ill with complications and admitted to the hospital many times. My eyes cannot even open and face was very pale. I had difficulties to pass motion and urinate for more than 8 days before I started taking 1 sahet of Duo Stem Cell every 4 hours. After about a week, my eye can open now, I can also pass motion and urinate normally now. My face is no longer pale and look and feel healthy. I will continue to take duo Stem Cell everyday to stay healthy.

Testimonial for Duo Stem Cell

Mrs. Emmie Argawa, 63 Years Old, Indonesia

I have a history of Uric Acid (Gout) and must avoid foods containing peanuts. Since taking Duo Stem Cell, I do not have to hesitate to eat foods that contains peanuts and can enjoy my favourite food, Gada Gado.  Also, after taking Duo Stem Cell, I do not have to wake up frequently at night to urinate. I can now sleep soundly at night and my body feel very fresh in the morning. Thank You. I love Duo Stem Cell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dr. Finny, 50 Years Old, Indonesia

I am a physician who is always busy with many activities and work. So I rarely pay attention to my skin. But after I tried taking Duo Stem Cell, I noticed my skin is smoother and brighter even without make-up. .

Mrs. Tutty, 60 Years Old, Indonesia

I have been suffering from difficulties in bowel movement due to haemorrhoids. I will always have bleeding after every bowel movement. My friend recommended me to take Duo Stem Cell. I was initially hesitant because haemorrhoids without surgery will definitely not solve the problem. But after taking 1 sachet per day for a week, I am surprised that the haemorrhoids went back in and I do not feel pain nor bleeding during bowel movement now.

Which is the best way to consume Duo Stem Cell 

It is scientifically proven that the most effective way to take your nutrients , to ensure you get maximum absorption, is by intraoral delivery (under the tongue, hold and swallow). This absorption rate of nutrients from an intraoral means is up to 95% compared to only 10-20% absorption rate that pills and capsules provide. Intraoral delivery ensure your body retains almost all of the nutrients that get to work straight away, providing rapid benefit and effectiveness. this is because the sub-mucosal membrane (that sits under the tongue) transports nutrients directly into the blood stream. It is also very cost effective as a lower dosage of nutrients is needed due to the very concentrated sources of delivery intraoral provides.

So it is best to pour the contents inside each sachet of Duo Stem Cell under the tongue (or if you have difficulties in doing it, you can just pour it into your mouth) and let it dissolve inside your mouth. Do not rush to swallow it. Savour and enjoy the nice taste of Duo Stem Cell for at least 30 seconds to 1 minutes before swallowing it. The extra seconds that you hold in your mouth is helpful for the intraoral delivery to work best.


Is there a age limit for consumption of Duo Stem Cell

Duo Stem Cell is safe and non-toxic. Duo Stem Cell can be consume by children with adult supervision.  Unless the child is suffering from illness and may need stem cell nutrients, it is not recommended for children of less than 10 years old. 

My. Ibu Ika, Indonesia

I have a history of Diabetes. I started consuming Duo Stem Cell since early Feb 2014. I consume 1 sachet every morning and evening for 3 days and the results of my blood sugar dropped from 370 to 130 (normal). Since then, I continue ti take Duo Stem Cell everyday to maintain my blood sugar as well as my health..

Ruth, 25 Years Old, Indonesia

I have typhus symptoms and started taking 1 sachet of Duo Stem Cell every 4 hours. After a few days, the symptoms disappeared and I am healthy enough to go to work. To maintain my health, I am taking 1 sachet of Duo Stem cell everyday to keep my body healthy.

When should I take Duo Stem Cell

It is recommended to take Duo Stem Cell 1 or 2 times a day, i.e., before your breakfast in the morning and/or also before you sleep at night.

Andrew Ong, 55 Years Old, Singapore

I have suffered 2 heart attacks. For the last 2 years, my lab test reports had not changed even with all the medications that the doctors had prescribed. After taking Duo Stem Cell for 3 months, my medical test reports has shown remarkable improvements.

My ALT had dropped from 77 to 36 (recommended level is between 10 to 44) and my AST dropped from 78 to 28 (recommended level is between 10 to 34). High levels of ALT and AST may be caused by heart attacks.

My Creatine Kinase had normalized from 235 to 183 (recommended level is between 24 to 200). Creatine Kinase levels can rise after a heart attack. If the level is too high; it may indicate muscle or heart damage.

There were other improvements as shown on the lab reports below. My doctor had recommended a 6 monthly lab test and review instead of the current 3 monthly tests and reviews. Thanks You, Duo Stem Cell.

Can Duo Stem Cell be taken by diabetes patients?

Duo Stem Cell is not a drug and cannot replace the medicine prescribe by doctors. But, there are a number of diabetes patients who have consumed Duo Stem Cell and found that their blood sugar level had reduced. There are some of them who had claimed that after consuming Duo Stem Cell for a period, their blood sugar level has dropped to normal level.

Each sachet of Duo Stem Cell had 0.792g of Dextrose Monohydrate (Glucose). Unless the diabetes patients is totally intolerable to glucose/sugar, this amount is still safe for diabetes patients to consume 1 to 2 sachets per day. Please note that sugar is carbohydrate and like all carbohydrates, they cause fast elevation of blood glucose. Some doctors recommends 45 to 69g of carbohydrates per meal. Carbohydrates means sugar, bread, peas, milk or fruits, etc.  Moderation and portion control is key. 1 tea spoon of sugar is about 15g of carbohydrates. Therefore, 0.792g of Glucose in each sachet of Duo Stem Cell is actually quite small but we still recommend that any diabetes patient who want to take Duo Stem Cell should try to "compensate" by taking lesser sugar/carbohydrate (by at least 0.792g).